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We've all heard of a midlife crisis but, no one talks about the quarter-life crisis that has become more of an issue in recent years. It's the “I have no job, no money, no direction and I'm living with my parents!” crisis. Entering the real world after twenty years in a structured environment can cause culture shock and disillusionment. The structure starts in elementary school, and continues through middle school and high school. My clients knew that they needed to get good grades to get into a good college. They got into college and they knew what they had to do to graduate. The end goal was a diploma. But then what? After graduation nothing is as clearly defined as it was in school and there are no rules guiding them from point A to point B.

Twenty-somethings are faced with an overwhelming number of options (“You can be anything you want to be,”“You have your whole life in front of you,”“These are the best years of your life”…). The number of choices twenty-somethings enounter can inspire hope but can also make a recent graduate feel lost and confused.

Therapy can help normalize this confusion and support twenty-somethings in finding their own path. I help my clients understand who they are independently of what they do for a living, which helps to increase their confidence and self esteem.

Many twenty-somethings are firmly mired in a decade of confusion. Below are some of the challenges that my clients face:


Multiple and/or challenging romantic relationships:

Job dissatisfaction:

Lack of independence:

Substance abuse:

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