Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Life Coach


The 30's can be a strange and confusing decade in my clients' lives. They have often created goals and expectations for themselves, and if those goals (whether related to their career, romantic relationships, children, or health) are not met, they are frequently left feeling disappointed, hopeless, confused, angry, and insecure. If those goals are achieved, they are often left feeling disillusioned, bored, overwhelmed, unsatisfied or have a “now what?” attitude.

Discussing these feelings in therapy can be a rewarding way to find purpose and meaning in my clients' lives and can also provide an outlet to understand themselves more deeply and learn what is most rewarding for them. Therapy can help deconstruct roadblocks that may be inhibiting a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

I explore the following topics in therapy:

Relationship status

Job burnout Keeping up with the Joneses Family/Kids Now what?