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Life Coaching

Life Coaching Health, Wealth, HappinessPeople who are uncomfortable with the idea of connecting past experiences with present day patterns (a more traditional form of psychotherapy), will love life coaching as an alternative! Therapy is very useful for individuals who are stuck, struggling or unhappy, but are unclear on the cause of their dissatisfaction.  For those who are more interested in specific goal-oriented work, life coaching is an action-oriented approach that helps clients prioritize goals, uncover blocks preventing them from reaching their goals, and create a plan of action to accomplish those goals.  The focus is always on movement and taking action.

Coaching can be helpful for clients experiencing the same life challenges as those in therapy and is particularly helpful for the following:

•  Life transitions such as divorce, break-up, job loss, new relationship, having children, graduating from college.

•  Individuals struggling with forms of depression and/or anxiety.

•  Individuals unhappy with their current health status.

•  Those who are ready to make a change in their life, but who are not quite sure where to start or what to do.

While there are several benefits to completing life coaching with a licensed therapist, the primary benefit is the comfort and security of knowing that if emotional issues surface during a coaching session (as they often do), a therapist is skilled in processing those issues and helping a client move forward with a deeper level of self awareness.  This insight and understanding will help a client reach his or her goals more smoothly and efficiently.

Coaching is typically structured in package deals -- clients sign up for 6-9 sessions at a time.  This is done to create a sense of accountability and help ensure that agreed-upon action steps are completed.

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